Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Indruis - Environments


-5th planet from the star Vokilm
-Just outside habitable zone of star
-Very large planet, 3 times the size of Jupiter, has one major ocean that has been frozen since the planet fell into orbit some cycles ago, an ancient rogue planet caught by Volkilm's gravity, allowed for life to spread on its northern pole.
-Life in the south pole is mostly underneath miles of icesheets and glaciers
-Only two main land masses exist on the planets surface, although buried by ice there are various islands with the ocean.
-The ocean spans across the equator of the planet and more data shows that the planet is mostly water featuring an iron core, with an active mantle and magnetosphere. The water itself seems to exist even within the planet itself.
-3 moons: Cahns, Naonis, Illia
- Orbits at Vokilm 645 Earthdays per orbit
-One day on Induis lasts 44 hrs on Earth. 
-The northern hemisphere is bathed in the Vokilm's light much more often through out the long year. A window of light on the south hemisphere occurs for 1/4 of the orbit, or appx. 160 Earthdays. 
-Extreme temperatures keep the planet frozen however the tundra and glacial lands are often easily traversed during these summer months, in the north. 


-A "tribe" that exists in the Northern hemisphere, partly nomadic and sedentary, with a main center called Mala. 
-very rudimentary lifestyle, farming functions occur under ground beneath the tundra. 
- One area where extreme heat can be found is on an island in the frozen ocean, locals call it Liqwueh.
-Uses various animals as livestock, and for transportation, for example the Lougalf, very useful for traveling vast distances either under the tundra or over the tundra.

Mount Design

Monday, February 6, 2017

Laurena - Character Developement

Main Weapon: Xellion

-created by an ancient 4th dimensional being who belonged to a group of other 4th dimensional beings called the Far Reachers, they were renowned by Laurena for their complete study of 18 Universal Era's.
-Xellion channels dark matter through an Amneoite core, which when charged is capable of releasing a focused beam of kinetic energy strong enough to cut straight through a steel wall.